Honey’s Day Out

It was a fun since the moment I got up. Esp as I knew I was getting together (just like every month) with three of my childhood friends and some of our siblings. As we went through our routine conversations on how someone has grown fat and someone has been looking weird, we planned for a movie and a lunch afterwards in this mall called Pacific which is “Trans Yamuna”. After the fun, we were window shopping (and apparantly shopping) and I suddenly realized that its been 4 months since I last visited a mall last… which is amazing considering that all this time I spent in a metropolitan with more than a couple of malls in the vicinity of my residence.

As soon as I told my friends about this fact, they all discounted this saying “Its not possible man, one couldnt possibly do that living in Delhi unless you just didnt step out of your house the whole time or were really stuck in officeand none of that was true for me. So, I popped a question to all of them – “How many times in the last 6 months have you guys visited our school, playing ground, college, our regular hangouts like CP & Old Delhi, our favorite eating joint etc & all the places we used to regularly go out ?“. And just as I expected, none of them had seen our school or college or the eating joint outside the college for years though a couple of them had visited CP a couple of times in last few months on the way to some other destination but not in the same way as we did during the our college days.

This made me wonder how our lifestyles have changed over time. How the fun of eating a Hot Jalebi in Purrani Dilli and playing football in the lawns of India Gate were replaced by watching a movie in a multiplex and a half-hearted lunch in a food court.

Is it just the age and change in time OR are we failing to understand the actual pleasures of life ?


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