A lot can happen over a coffee

This is the punchline for a popular coffee shop chain.

We were just having a cup of coffee (actually ice tea) and since, there were a lot of house flies around, the topic came automatically to how to get rid of them quicky. Ideas poured in, from high speed blowers on the entrances to the repellers to a fantastic technique – get a gun and shoot them all. All being engineers, it just had to come down to optimizing resources so, we thought.. How about using a single bullet, Rajni style, along with, not one but, a bunch of knives forming a binary tree in the air so that the single bullet fired would get cut into halves time and again until suffices the no. of pieces of bullets required to kill all the flies.

Conclusively, we are ready with an algorithm to accomplish cleaning up all the house flies from our premises with a single bullet and with minimum execution time figured out. Just waiting for the flies to be back into the right position they were in when the algo was devised. 🙂

PS – I know this sucks.


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