Lost Credibility of TV Media

News Channels really seem to have lost it completely. They are broadcasting anything and everything as BREAKING NEWS, is something we all know, but all the information being broadcasted is not alwasy credible is something I realized first hand today.

Its rained all night and early morning in Delhi today (and started again now, by the way) and certain areas had traffic jam in the peak hours in the morning due to water logging. Now, I live in Lajpat Nagar and travel 6 miles to my office in Okhla which on a normal day can be a 40 mins journey due to the traffic congestion in Okhla on a daily basis. Today I reached office in 12 mins flat. No traffic anywhere on the way, no water logging anywhere on the way and no rain during the morning hours as well. Mostly, I believe, due the traffic being stuck in the other parts of the city and not reaching the industrial area, which is more like a destination during morning, at all.

As soon as I reach office, dad called to check on me coz he just saw a news channel broadcasting a BREAKING NEWS that Lajpat Nagar (did I mention, I live here) was suffering from the rains and people having to walk through knee deep waters to get out of their houses. Apparantly, I have to pick up two more colleagues before I come to office and they live in different parts of the Lajpat only and I get a view of most of it before I reach office in the morning. And I hardly came across any water logging through the area or anywhere on the way to office, for that matter.

Its amazing how bluntly these guys manage to lie their way to better TRPs and we go on buying their far from fact news items.

Funny !!!!

PS – Surely there is water logging in Delhi causing traffic jams, especially in part of Ring Road, however, the broadcasted news items are far from reality.


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