Movie Review – Freedomland

Last night, surfing TV channels for a movie, I came across a movie “Freedomland” casting Samuel L Jackson and Julianne Moore. The cast was attractive so I started watching it.

The backdrop of the movie is twin suburbs with slight racial tension underneath. The movie surrounds a white woman who has a missing 4 year old son which, she claims, has been abducted by a black guy in her stolen car. As expected, the racial tension increases in the towns and the council handling the case, a black man portrayed by S. L. Jackson, takes the onus of investigating the case after he has a gut feeling that he hasnt been told the whole story. He pulls in a group for searching for the boy and as the story unfolds, it just becomes harder and harder to get away from the movie. All in all a fantastic movie (I didnt wanna give away the end)

Julianne Moore’s performance during the whole movie was amazing and Samuel L. Jackson was his usual class as well. The way this movie has handled the subject of racial issues is truly commendable. All in all a movie worth watching !!!


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