The Evolution of Horoscopes

Need a twist in the tale…. put in a horoscope mismatch…. love still prevails… kill the spouse…. he/she is freaking still alive….. marry him/her to someone else with matching horoscope.. the freak comes back to the ex yet again… regular soap on TV. Everyone curses it and still they watch it. Women who criticize moms watching it all day, themselves watching it sooner than later (atleast after they get married 🙂 ).

And influenced by all these soaps and partially due to the emergence of computer softwares, horoscopes have caught up. I remember 6 years back when I was running a cyber cafe for a friend and we had customers paying anywhere between 200 to 1000 bucks for getting their detailed horoscopic report (janam patri) and obscene amount of money to get the match making reports. We were one of the few cyber cafes that had a software for that purpose and the color printout on those religious gloss paper worked like a charm. Now with that kinda info available online, and soaps helping the fever to catch up even more, people are becoming more than ever conscious of the possible effects of stars in their lives and literally living their lives according to them.

My mom is out looking for a girl for me nowadays, and everytime she gets a profile, she would call up a pandit, give her out all details and wait for a callback about the match-making while she does the same thing on the software she has and see if both are consistent. Not that she was always a great believer in this stuff, just that with the soaps the awareness about this sh** has increased so much that its almost a fashion now more than anything else. “Hey, you’ve got 32 gunn matching with this girl, however, this particular star is contradicting… may be you will live apart most of your life… lets not consider this girl”. Well… may be after a few years, I actually might just prefer living apart most of the time 🙂

And not just match making.. Ekta Kapoor has brought in so many whole new concepts of family functions…. from a series of pre and post marital functions to new born function series. And, the fashion has caught up equally well in the society… atleast for sure in Punjabis… we are having rituals I never seen my whole life.. coz one Gujrati family follows some tradition in one god damn soap.

Lets see what reality shows bring on now !!!


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