The ability to say NO

You might spend lifetime try to change something and everyone around telling you how you need to work on it but life has its own way of teaching – wierd but effective. I had a hard time saying NO to anything… to my manager for work (for a really loong time), to my mother for shopping, to my friend for a movie and to a lot of people around me for hell lot of stuff… I just cant… I mean COULDNT say No.

Recently, on my trip to Bangalore, I learnt the skill. I went to Bangalore with a lot of expectation of learning and fun… the learning part was good but the fun part didnt take off really well. I realized that a few of my friends had stuff that took priorities which was acceptible, sorta !! Then, there were the ones who had taken time off their schedules and life to make it a nice trip for me. They even planned a weekend away from the city for me (which by the way went fantastic) and then the moment of learning happened.

Just when we were getting into our fun filled weekend mode, I got THE call from the friend who had great plans for the weekend ahead and intended to spend it with me, leaving me with no option but to say NO.. and just then I realized, it was probably the very first time I outrightly said No to a friend for something. Wow.. it felt great. And I felt all the more connected to the people I was with. A lesson learnt in a moment without even having to put in any effort… a lesson for life !!!

By the way… the weekend went great – the pic is from Gagan Chukki


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