The Capital Culture

The thing I enjoy most about a weekend is that I am in the city that I love so very much. Its not just the fact that its our capital, its everything about it that drives me crazy – the people, the places I visit, the streets, the cuisine. Everything.

Delhi has its own cuisine and the people who have been here long enough would know exactly where to find the best food of Delhi’s own cuisine. I love going out specifically to eat out in a place that I have been visiting since forever. Early morning today, I went to drop off my sister to her office in CP and just when I was about to turn back home, it struck my mind that it was a perfect oppurtunity and time of day to get my favorite milk shake in the whole world. Its a little place called Keventers in the inner circle (those who have never been to CP should know that its a circular huge commercial place with a park in the center and an underground street market in the basement as well). I reached the place at around 9 and the guy sitting out there told me how the place opens at 10 and 8 every alternate week and this was a 10’oclock week. I decided to spend an hour there with the street hawkers waiting for the shop to open and get my drink. As usual, I got along well with the people on the street which included a panwala, a paniwala (these are the guys in Delhi who sell glasses of water and lemonade on the streets), a parking guy, a shoemaker and a couple of other guys who essentially looked small time street workers. The parking guy even let me off the parking charges for my car. 🙂 Finally, a middle aged flamboyant man with less no. of buttons on his shirt than the no. of gold rings he was wearing drove in and threw a set of keys to one of the street guys who pointed back to him and told me, “He owns this place“. And I got my flavored milk shake. Heaven !!!