The Charm of Blogging

What can you do on a Sunday afternoon ? Visit a friend in the neighborhood, go out for a movie, shopping, clean up your house or laze around in your hall watching TV or listening to music. The last thing that I would like to do is sit back home and think of my Second Life. Anyways, I was just planning out the rest of the day for me, and I just an urge to write or to blog. As I said, last thing I would do on a Sunday, but if you gotta urge, you just gotta do it. So, here I am.

What fascinates me most about blogging is its conversational style. Dont know about others, but when I am blogging, I feel as if I am in the middle of a never ending conversation that I am really enjoying. Interestingly, I have never figured out who is on the other end of this conversation. But, I guess that helps. When you know who you are talking to, you tend to filter information a bit as you know what would the other person relate to and what not. That definitely drives the conversation when you are talking to a real person. But in a conversation that I am talking about, the other end is essentially a listener (actually, a reader) so I dont have to worry about the things he/she might not like. It feels like I am walking through a lush green park with someone on a nice evening, wind blowing across my face (and an ice cream in my hand), the smell of grass right after a rain (I can smell it as its raining here right now). Its the most amazing feeling one can go through when you are enjoying the small miraulous things that nature has provided you and something as virtual as blogging providing you a similar feeling (may be the rain right now is helping it).. its just amazing.

Another cool thing about blogging is the way its done. Blogging triggers your thoughts. It makes you think (and work doesnt). Its like right a short story. In my opinion, the art of story telling is far ahead of any other kind of writing coz you dont get a lot of space to say what you have to say and articulating your way to a reader’s imagination and building those characters in his/her mind with those limited words is an art. I havent done either but I guess, writing a novel would be a lot easier than writing a short story. And its quite similar with blogging as well, although, it provides you would a lot more liberties than short story writing. Its fun to learn so much from the way people write in their blogs. It really reflects on their personalities, their cultures and their senses. I have learnt a lot about humans from different parts of the world just by reading their blogs or their comments on other blogs. But I guess, I am not even half way through to knowing any of the cultures enough. But I would love to explore it. I like to say that I am an explorer, in the real world and in my Second Life, I love to explore you places, new people, new theories in a quest of exploring myself.

And, blogging surely helps !!!