Growing Old

We were sipping our post lunch coffee outside and saw this old chap, whose son has just dropped him off, trying to cross to road on this busy red light. Barely able to walk, the old man somehow managed to cross through one side of the road when my colleague said..

K – I never wanna be like that. Would rather die at 40 something.
Me – Never wannabe that helpless or..
K – That old. Period. Die young.
Me – I guess it not that bad, I would travel when I retire.. across the world.
K – Drop some flowers on my grave in the Antarctica, will u ?
Me – I’d rather bury u in Iraq… hehehe..
K – Whatever, crust is…. no point growing old…
Me – There is so much to do and you got time for it all..
K – Cut it(Not exactly wat he said). Lets get back to pretending to work.

End of conversation. Wondering if he was just scared to grow old. I guess its the sickness, slow death and helplessness that scares him. Dont know but I am really looking forward to the time when I retire and start my 2nd innings.


And thats how I become a complete IT Professional

For the whole of last 2 years, I reach office at 10 and home at 6 (dont tell my RM). Work’s been great, timelines been met and weekends been fun. My sister on the other hand, leave home before I get up and reaches home around 8. Its because of this very reason that she perceives that either IT Professional are the most idle people in the world or I am not an IT Pro material.

Today, at last, she would accept me as an regular IT Pro coz I am still in office at 9, for a change. (Damn !!!! I am gonna screw up these bank guys big time… how the f#!k can it take 3 hours to send a simple mail.). Positive thing is that I am gonna be accepted as the labor that I am at my home today.. Yeppie !!!!!!!