And thats how I become a complete IT Professional

For the whole of last 2 years, I reach office at 10 and home at 6 (dont tell my RM). Work’s been great, timelines been met and weekends been fun. My sister on the other hand, leave home before I get up and reaches home around 8. Its because of this very reason that she perceives that either IT Professional are the most idle people in the world or I am not an IT Pro material.

Today, at last, she would accept me as an regular IT Pro coz I am still in office at 9, for a change. (Damn !!!! I am gonna screw up these bank guys big time… how the f#!k can it take 3 hours to send a simple mail.). Positive thing is that I am gonna be accepted as the labor that I am at my home today.. Yeppie !!!!!!!


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