Fantastic morning – More about Capital Culture

I dearly missed blogging since morning, but I couldnt help, entered office after 2 PM after a really eventful and funny day.

I was driving back from Ghaziabad, a suburb trans yamuna, after dropping my sister and while driving up on a flyover in a packed traffic my car broke down and showed no intentions of starting up. I popped the hood and realized that either the battery is dead or the carbon on top is preventing the circuit while I was waiting in the middle of the road for the Car Helpline guy. In the meanwhile, the traffic started to suffer and I started getting reactions, all kinds – “Kya Hua ??”, “Did it broke down ??”, swears, “Why dont you move it to the side ??” and what not.

Just when I was about to get annoyed and lose it on one of the jerks, I realized I was stuck in one of the most beatiful sights in Delhi. The only place in Delhi from where you can see 5 miles (may be a lot more) of empty space, the river, a really beautiful highway, a cloudy morning with nice breeze and no sun… all in all an amazing view which I could never have got otherwise on this high speed highway. I moved to the back of my car, started directing vehicle to clean up the mess a bit and soon enough, the traffic was back in full swing and I was fully enjoying my stranded traffic policeman job with the great surroundings.

And now came a gentleman, who got off his bus, to ask me if he could help which was a surprising gesture considering the nearest bus stop was another 2 miles before he could get another bus and he hardly knew of how to fix the thing at all. He did help me move my car to the side and then, I helped him hitchcock a bike and ride off.

Finally, when I got the Car Helpline guy, who got the car working again and I got the battery replaced from a nearby dealer and got in the car to drive back to office and exactly then, it started raining cats and dogs. Thats what I call perfect timing.. which became all the more perfect when it stopped as soon as I got off the car in front of my office.

The funniest part was that due to the climate and the fun I was having while I was stranded, I never felt annoyed or tired or irritated and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Hmm.. looking forward to getting stranded like that again, of course, without spending the ridiculous amount again.


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