India under Seige

Gunshots !!! Blasts !!! Sliding down from copters !!! Innocent killings !!! These were scenes out of Hollywood movies… there were traces of Die Hard but there wasnt any Bruce Willis… there were traces of The Seige but no Denzel Washington coz this is real life. But it all did seem so unreal. Taj burning for 3 days, the biggest cops of the city dead – 3 of them. Spending all this while listening to news readers, jouralists like Barkha Dutt who spent the whole time on the scene, the political leaders, the soldiers, the public and the victims themselves, I kept thinking hard and kept analyzing everybody’s point of view on what needs to be done to handle the terror or where do we go wrong.

Everyone had their own view points, here are a few –

  • Elect government responsibly.
  • Respect the security forces and dont take them for granted.
  • Take security.