Polls 2009 Forecast

So, its around last week of May, the weather is getting chillier, airs windier and sun’s been behind clouds most part of the day. IPL Teams are now travelling to Windies to play IPL3 over a week before they travel to England for the T20 World Cup…. kinda a last moment tournament planned after the grand commercial success of IPL2 in SA.
The 2009 polls are over and the results are just out…. and what a turnout… 520 million voters ACTUALLY cast their votes this time around. Here are the results –
Congress 11 seats
BJP 12 seats
Others 27 seats
Rest of around 400 seats are all voted against all of the contestents.. Wow a re-election!!! The people didnt find any candidate worthy of running their nation.

Well… what do I say…. a dreamer after all !!