I shook Chetan Sharma’s hand

I first hooked up to cricket when I learnt that India was playing England in a WC semis in ’87 WC. India lost that game (I didnt understand how and why) however, it was heartbreaking for everyone around me and a little for me too. About the time I started loving the game of cricket and became a regular follower I saw a game, again Ind Vs Eng.. however this time around I saw India beat England courtsey a hundred by Chetan Sharma’s 100 and a partnership with Sidhu chasing a big score.. (must have been more than 220 being 20 years ago) and that was the time I developed a soft corner for Chetan Sharma.. and didnt happen to see him for long in the team before he finally retired a little after 1992 WC ( I think).
Yesterday, while taking my wife out shopping in a mall in Gurgaon, I caught a sight of the same Chetan Sharma.. and it was more than just thrill to me… I couldnt find a pen or a piece of paper to get his autograph as I walked upto him and he could well have made out my nervousness. He was very humble and polite as I told him how excited I was to see him in person. He gave me an autograph and even SHOOK MY HAND. It was amazing… truly.
This will go down as one of my most memorable moments in life.

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