The French Burqa

Its outrageous that a developed secular country like France is moving to ban Burqa in their country. Irrespective of being a religious or a social clothing, a woman deserves the right to decide for herself what she prefers to wear, even if its her burqa.
A govt cant possibly decide if I am gonna wear sunglasses on a rainy day or not OR whether or not I can take out an umbrella on a sunny day.
France – get a clue !!!


Everyone wants some sunshine

Now, this is how Aamir magic works, nostalgia plus some audiences’ character identification.
The 3 Idiots Phenomenon has become so big that anywhere you look, you could find a piece of it.. esp the song “Give me some Sunshine..” seems to be the and online status or Dialer/Caller/Hello Tune of every 2nd person.

Now, that everyone’s decided to grow up once again due to their compromised childhood.. I’d rather stay old and enjoy some alone adulthood !!!

JSP 2.0 – Quote not escaped

Encountered a weird problem today, a running application on Linux/Tomcat 5.5 starting crashing at various places after re deployment without much code issues.
Issue came up in all the JSP pages which had request.getParameter call within value attribute of any tag. Logs showed the following JasperException

Attribute value request.getParameter(“XXX”) is quoted with ” which must be escaped when used within the value

Simple fix, append the following to JAVA_OPTS variable in


Works !!!

Public Administration in India

Public administration has been a matter of promises and more promises with total lack of delivering any of them. Living in Gurgaon, you so get used to power cuts and the simple expectation of 24 hrs power in a Singapore seems too much to ask. And during one of these cuts, with nothing else to do but surf on a battery and data card driven laptop, I happen to stumble on the a news from 6 yrs back, thought you guys might wanna take a look.