Fir dil do hockey ko…

My day started with a ruined plan of celebrating Holi with family courtesy Dera baba followers going bizarre and having nothing to do… and a sold out India-Pakistan Hockey World Cup. Hoping against hope I decided to go for the match anyways and without any friends or family along, I arrived at Mjr. Dhyanchand Stadium and stood looking at the queue of fans entering the venue.

The tickets were available in black for double the actual price, however, destiny had something else figured out for me. And thanks to amazing group of cops @ duty outside the venue and my patience to stick outside the venue and wait for a spare ticket, the cops gave me one of the seized tickets from the blackies as a reward for my patience.

Enter the arena, the atmostsphere was a lot more amazing than anything I have experienced in a cricket match in India.. which was overwhelming however, understandable given the duration of the game being only a couple of hours. For all the 4 goals scored by India, it was real pleasure watching it from the best possible place – behind the Pak goal post. There is no better place to watch a penalty corner. Better run up the stands for the rest of the game. In hockey, you feel so much more than just a spectator like you do in a cricket match. The arene being smaller helps the cause of course.
Cometh any countdown… for the beginning of a game, towards the half time, esp the end of the game countdown, hearing the echo of the whole crowd counting it (ofcourse only when the home team is winning) makes the moment of victory so special and realizing that sharing a win with thousands is making it all the more special.

Couldnt have been a more perfect ending to this day.


Just India

Dont you ever get sick of being ever-so-critical of Indian political system, the administration in general.. I do listening to all that.. here’s my response.. actually the Judiciary system’s response to those who believe that rich and powerful carry govt and administration in their pockets. This story is about Haldiram’s owner facing justice in a case against a tea stall owner.
Read more… and enjoy !!!