Olympic Review

Aaahhh well.

I did start off expecting a little more from the Hockey team @ London – a spot in the top 6 actually. It started off on a decent node as well in fact. It just kept going wrong after the game against dutch. The team seems to have the stamina to last 70 mins which used to be a huge issue for Indian Hockey team for a long while. The aggression was there. It seemed like a sample of what happened in Dhyanchand Stadium might get repeated but that wasn’t to be.

I wonder if this team really needs the burning passionate supportive crowd that it gets in Delhi. If thats what makes this team going, they gonna have to win some huge tournaments for fans to even consider travelling with the team. A couple of world cups or champions trophies.

Thats still a distant dream. I really hope to see a better performance at the Champions trophy though.

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