Seventy Minutes: Hockey at heart

After contemplating for a couple of weeks, I have resolved to put together all match archives and related information for all hockey matches ever played…. ever.

Hockey has risen above any other sport in my heart in terms of spectator-ship. Not that I have lost love for any other sport at all. I still sit through 8 hours of ODI match between any two teams, if work and family permits. There is so much to watch – pace, big moments, tactics, skills, magical moment and plenty of goals. The arena is relatively smaller than football therefore, letting you stay in the game irrespective of where the ball is on the pitch.

Above all, its our national game. Surely worth it.

Would appreciate any support from anyone at all to dig Hockey match data from any sort of source whatsoever.

I tried reaching a few online contact information for FIH and HI however, have not received a response yet. Irrespective, I think its gonna take a little more effort however, that’s surely worth for a sport of such stature.

Mission Seventy Minutes is underway.

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