Things I hate about flying

I hate flying – to the core, for a long time now. I am only happy once back from a journey as even after landing in an onwards journey, the trauma of having to fly back keeps me anxious.

Why? Here’s why

  • Turbulence
  • Lead times – check in to boarding, boarding to take off
  • Noises
  • Wiggling on runways before take-offs – kills me
  • Cramped up spaces
  • Fake smiles



FAQ: How do I get website up?

From people in IT and outside, this is definitely the most frequent question I get asked in different forms. So, here I go…

What does a website compose of?

  • The name which people use to open the website e.g. the the site you are on is where is called a domain name, in (the last part) is called a top-level domain (TLD) and www is a sub-domain. Once you buy a domain, you can create any number of sub-domains in it e.g. and are perfectly legal sub-domains I can create
  • The content which people see when they visit – a website can have a static set of pages which is like a marketing brochure containing textual and visual information which never changes on its own or a website can have varying form of dynamic content which could be universal e.g. stock prices or currently available products or user specific e.g. user’s account balance or emails in the folder etc
  • The content is usually visually treated to look nice and uniform
  • A hosting service where the content of the website resides

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