Idealog: Public transport navigation

While thinking about how public transport can be encouraged in a city like Gurgaon and in a metropolitan like New Delhi, which essentially has three states running public transport services. One of the things I find missing is that beyond Delhi Metro, no other public transport system has its information digitally available.

Use Case

Apps like Google map can give you driving directions and traffic conditions. They do cover Delhi metro routes however nothing on the bus routes within Gurgaon, between Gurgaon and Delhi and within Delhi. Moreover, cities like Gurgaon and Noida have another form of public transport system which is really high frequency – the shared auto routes with slab rates.

Say you are just stepping out of an office at Sohna Road, Gurgaon and plan to head home – perhaps in somewhere in Delhi. You pop open this app which locates you on the city map, click Nearest Transport Options and it lays out all your nearest bus stops, nearest shared auto stands and of course metro stations. Click on How to get home (or any destination) from here, it shows you all public transport routes originating from all these nearest Transport points. Details like class of buses, frequencies, next bus enroute, alternative routes, link ups to Delhi Metro, travel time estimates.

Something like this could be an enabler. Think of it has another level of information in Google Maps Directions perhaps. Welcome any feedback.


One thought on “Idealog: Public transport navigation

  1. A very good and implementable idea. Check

    Challenge would be to collect data, and to put un-managed sector in a managed application. Benefit for above site is that most of the transport services are well managed, places are fixed and so on.

    Still there is a good scope. Eventually things will fall in line once it is started.


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