Seventy Minutes: Idea Deck


Seventy Minutues: The first challenge

Still been looking around the internet for data sources for archives for hockey matches. No luck so far.

Read about Major Dhyanchand being nominated for Bharat Ratna ahead of Vishy Anand and Sachin Tendulkar. Thoroughly deserved, I say. The other two would have their times as well, along side Leander Paes I hope. However, none before the greatest stick player of all times our country produced.

Hope to see this getting realized sooner than later.

In the meanwhile, my hunt for hockey match archive is on. Was hoping to find some data across a bunch of blogs. Found only some results for a few tournaments, that’s not all I need.

Well, that’s a start.

Seventy Minutes: Hockey at heart

After contemplating for a couple of weeks, I have resolved to put together all match archives and related information for all hockey matches ever played…. ever.

Hockey has risen above any other sport in my heart in terms of spectator-ship. Not that I have lost love for any other sport at all. I still sit through 8 hours of ODI match between any two teams, if work and family permits. There is so much to watch – pace, big moments, tactics, skills, magical moment and plenty of goals. The arena is relatively smaller than football therefore, letting you stay in the game irrespective of where the ball is on the pitch.

Above all, its our national game. Surely worth it.

Would appreciate any support from anyone at all to dig Hockey match data from any sort of source whatsoever.

I tried reaching a few online contact information for FIH and HI however, have not received a response yet. Irrespective, I think its gonna take a little more effort however, that’s surely worth for a sport of such stature.

Mission Seventy Minutes is underway.

Olympic Review

Aaahhh well.

I did start off expecting a little more from the Hockey team @ London – a spot in the top 6 actually. It started off on a decent node as well in fact. It just kept going wrong after the game against dutch. The team seems to have the stamina to last 70 mins which used to be a huge issue for Indian Hockey team for a long while. The aggression was there. It seemed like a sample of what happened in Dhyanchand Stadium might get repeated but that wasn’t to be.

I wonder if this team really needs the burning passionate supportive crowd that it gets in Delhi. If thats what makes this team going, they gonna have to win some huge tournaments for fans to even consider travelling with the team. A couple of world cups or champions trophies.

Thats still a distant dream. I really hope to see a better performance at the Champions trophy though.

Outstanding Indian Hockey

Its barely been 40 days since we celebrated the Silver medal in CWG and Indian Hockey team is making us proud once again.. winning all games in the group stages so far including beating Pakistan once again this year… thats what… thrice this year, though the games are getting closer match by match… doesnt matter. We Won !!!

Good Luck Guys for the semis and finals… make us proud.. looking forward to a Gold Medal and Olympics place now. Chak De !!!

Fir dil do hockey ko…

My day started with a ruined plan of celebrating Holi with family courtesy Dera baba followers going bizarre and having nothing to do… and a sold out India-Pakistan Hockey World Cup. Hoping against hope I decided to go for the match anyways and without any friends or family along, I arrived at Mjr. Dhyanchand Stadium and stood looking at the queue of fans entering the venue.

The tickets were available in black for double the actual price, however, destiny had something else figured out for me. And thanks to amazing group of cops @ duty outside the venue and my patience to stick outside the venue and wait for a spare ticket, the cops gave me one of the seized tickets from the blackies as a reward for my patience.

Enter the arena, the atmostsphere was a lot more amazing than anything I have experienced in a cricket match in India.. which was overwhelming however, understandable given the duration of the game being only a couple of hours. For all the 4 goals scored by India, it was real pleasure watching it from the best possible place – behind the Pak goal post. There is no better place to watch a penalty corner. Better run up the stands for the rest of the game. In hockey, you feel so much more than just a spectator like you do in a cricket match. The arene being smaller helps the cause of course.
Cometh any countdown… for the beginning of a game, towards the half time, esp the end of the game countdown, hearing the echo of the whole crowd counting it (ofcourse only when the home team is winning) makes the moment of victory so special and realizing that sharing a win with thousands is making it all the more special.

Couldnt have been a more perfect ending to this day.